About myself



My name is Vincent. I am a level 2 EFT trained practitioner that also trained in Matrix Reimprinting.  I was introduced to EFT through my search to better my life and emotion response to what is going on in my life.  I entered the work force like a lot of people with not a very clear path.  I went to school for aircraft maintenance, since that was what the career counselor said I should pursue(some regrets since I was miss informed on other paths, Tap, Tap, Tap).  Since I loved working with my hands I gave it a try.  

But through my career I suffered ups and down from mass layoffs, to career changes with a lot of uncertainty and no real support.  I understand the stresses of layoffs, shift work, contract talks and the constant threat of strikes with no means of supporting one self and even the feeling of just being a number.  All this stress was starting to manifest itself as health issues as well as having me slip slowly into depression.

Then seeming out of nowhere, EFT was presented to me.  This helped me deal with these issues with even more results that I was not getting through conventional means.  Even being able to reverse some of the physical maladies that where presenting themselves.

During all this I have always been there for others and will be there for you.  Going through this journey has made it clear that I was meant to help others.  I will be bringing my experience from my own personal journey to assist you along your way.  My sincere hope is that you will discover something of interest in EFT to assist you in your own journey towards improved health and wellness.